Night Operations Begin.

Night Flights Begin Night flights are now underway at Highvistas. After a year of holding a CAA PfCO we became eligible to apply for night flight permission by setting out procedures in our operation manual. Having obtained that night flight projects are now available. Cooksbridge train station was the test subject, more to come from the [...]

Beachy Head Lighthouse Construction

Beachy Head Lighthouse. I've been visiting the lighthouse down at the foot of Beachy Head with my drone working on a set of pictures and video. In my research, I have found these great photographs of the construction from the turn of the century. The light house at the foot of Beachy Head was built [...]

Droneception Test 1.

My first attempt at a droneception picture. Inspired by the Inception movie dronceptions are warping reality in interesting ways. More to come from this project for sure, the potential is looking good.

Buzzed by Seagulls

Seagulls Swooping A constant issue for me living along the south coast is dealing with seagulls.  They do seem to go for drones although they just try to intimidate it mostly.. which works on me, and haven't actually hit it so far.  I remember that they did knock my cat over once so not to be messed [...]

Flyaway Quadcopter Drone

Flyaway Quadcopter Drone. Back in the early days with my first ‘toy’ drone. Lost control of my Syma X8C quadcopter. The wind, the controls… flyaway began… Couldn’t see it after a short time so very lucky I got it back ok. The thing forgot where I was and flew off out of sight… No GPS […]





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